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My name’s Madison, but everyone calls me Matty (don’t ask about the odd spelling). I am a 20 year-old advertising student currently living in Eugene, Oregon. I made the lengthy two-hour trek from Portland to go to school at the University of Oregon in 2016. I guess there's something about the changing leaves, rainy days, and clean water that keeps me here. When I'm not watching YouTube and contemplating starting a vlog, going to the movie theater to see the latest horror film, or making random crafts from moments of inspiration, I'm trying to learn everything I can about the world of advertising and production.

My Bucket List

  • Graduate college (I'm working on it)

  • Visit the Titanic on the ocean floor

  • Meet David Blaine (because I'm convinced he's a real wizard)

  • Eat 100 McDonald's chicken nuggets in one sitting

  • Duet with John Mayer

  • Direct a movie

  • Own a lavender farm

  • Swim with wild manatees in Florida